Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cars filled with trash...

Yep, I said it would be random...

My girlfriend and I were driving around Franklin, TN and I spotted this driver next to us with a bunch of trash piled above the window.
I thought this was awesome so I had to snap a pic...that one didn't fully capture the amount of trash so I had to deploy the zoom tool:

Of course, at this point, I am pretty sure I was made by my target. I thought I was really covert, but apparently not. I am a big fan of the covert cell phone pic. When cameras first came with cell phones, it seemed so unnecessary. Now, I cannot imagine where we would be without them...just think about how many mullet pictures and other interesting things have been caught! Of couse, the flip phone is the best at covert pics, easier to make it look like you are reading a text.

Back to the original story...we received "ass face" (when someone makes a face of absolute and complete disgust) as the driver sped off. Oh well...clean your car!